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You can create your own widgets including digital clock, date, and battery by using Buzz Custom Widget Editor. Also, you can download widgets of other users via Homepack Buzz Service and apply it to your device. It will be much more convenient for you to use Buzz Custom Widget with Buzz Launcher. Buzz Launcher Download -** Now Available on Google Nexus 7 **


■ You can create your own widgets that reflect your tastes and styles

■ Homepack Buzz provides various widgets, when using Buzz Launcher

■ You can apply Buzz Custom Widget setting immediately after downloading a Homescreen if you using Buzz Launcher together.


■ CREATING VARIOUS WIDGETS: You can create widgets such as digital clock, analog clock, battery, and deco of your own

■ HOT SPOT : You can set specific activity when you touch widget

■ DECORATION FEATURE: You can insert figures/images/fonts, designate layer orders among entities, and move/delete entities on a preview screen with a touch-and-drag

■ SHARING: Users can freely share their widgets via Homepack Buzz when using Buzz Launcher.

■ APPLY: Without any additional settings, users can download others’ Buzz Custom Widgets when using Buzz Launcher.

< TIPS >

■ Buzz Custom Widget and Buzz Launcher are brothers. Downloading Buzz Launcher will make the use of Buzz Custom Widget much easier!

■ Buzz Launcher :■ Our third-party partner widget is interfaced with Buzz Launcher so you don’t need to put extra effort to use these beautiful widgets. When you download a Homepack, the contained 3rd party partner widget will be auto applied just as our own widget.

■ Buzz Launcher and Minimalistic Text Widget are interfaced with each other and setting information is shared. Now you could also enjoy Minimalistic Text Widget with Buzz Launcher. To Download Minimalistic Text Widget -

■ Please be our Best Friend - If you are interested to interface your widget with Buzz Launcher, please contact us! (


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